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Tips to Remember when Cleaning your Driveway



While cleaning your driveway and during driveway cleaning there are a few things to remember to keep both you and your driveway safe. There are also tips to prevent having to clean your driveway again or at least not anytime in the near future. These tips apply to concrete driveway cleaning. The tips are: 


·         Before allowing it to soak in, immediately clean oil from concrete.  

·         Dispose of all rags that have oil on them in an environmentally safe method. 

·         Make sure you have good ventilation when working with any chemicals. If you are cleaning a concrete garage floor make sure the garage door and windows in the garage are open.  

·         If you use muriatic acid, be careful and wear clothing that prevents contact with the skin. Also, you want to wear goggles to protect your eyes.  

·         Put water on the stain before adding the acid. This will prevent the concrete from soaking up too much of the acid.  

·         Don’t ever use a wire brush while cleaning concrete surfaces. The reason is pieces of the brush may get stuck in a gap in the concrete and then it will rust and cause possible future rust problems. 

·         Working on cloudy days with cleaners is good. It keeps the cleaners that are put on the concrete from drying too quickly. 

·         If you have a car that does leak oil and you park it in the driveway, put down a large piece of cardboard to prevent the stains in the first place.  



By remembering these tips, you can prevent future problems and keep yourself safe when you are involved in the project of driveway cleaning


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